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We have wide range of crackers available online. Choose from our crackers collection and order now.

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Novelty Fireworks
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Fancy Novelties
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colorful fountain

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We have wide range of crackers available online. Choose from our crackers collection and order now.

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Atom Bombs
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We have wide range of aerial crackers available online. Choose from our aerial crackers collection and order now.

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1 ¼” Aerial Shots
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1 ¾” Aerial Shots
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2” Aerial Shots
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3” Aerial Shots
Fancy Novelties
Fancy Novelties
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3” SHELLS (2 pcs box)
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Multiple Aerial Shots

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Key tips to have a SAFE DIWALI… with CRACKERS

No, you don’t need to get yourself a burn this Diwali.

Let us have a Safe Diwali, keeping in mind various necessary precautions.

Indulge yourself in burning enormous diwali crackers by keeping safety tips in mind. Here are few steps to ponder upon in celebrating a safe Diwali.

1.Where You Buy Firecrackers From

Remember those days of Diwali shopping when you used to stand for long hours in a queue to get your favorite crackers? Now that Diwali is around the corner, the excitement level has brimmed up already. From getting a medicine to home, everything is getting online for sale then why struggle around in the market for diwali crackers shopping?

You can now buy fireworks online. What you need is internet and your gadget and you are sorted. Just a click and you have in front of you a variety of fireworks that are even hard to find in a cracker shop. The collection available online is at par with the variety you witness at the crackers’ shop. The add-on benefit is , you get this and more by having a sip of coffee at home or even attending meeting in your office! It is so convenient for anyone to buy crackers online.

Also, what if the fireworks you got from the crackers’ shop does not burn at all?

Spoils the mood of the festival, right?

The better option here is to buy crackers online which is much more safer than buying them from shop. Always make sure to get the fireworks from a licensed and reliable seller as it is is prominent that the quality they sell is quite up to the mark and take care of the safety standards as well. And when it comes to mentioning licensed and reliable fireworks seller, Ayyan Fireworks should be your only choice pertaining to the authenticity in quality of their fireworks.

2. How You Handle Fireworks

Diwali gives us a bonus with variety of diwali crackers. Have you seen some of your friends keeping the diwali cracker in hand and burning it? Such scenes are quite prevalent at the time of Diwali celebrations.

As there is a manual to teach you to operate a machine, same as it as, there are various different types of precautions to be taken while burning diwali crackers. Whether the fireworks are on sale online or offline, these precautions are mentioned on the cracker packets or boxes. It is imperative that you follow the safety instructions mentioned and take them seriously. Never, ever keep crackers in close proximity to your body. Make sure that your children are burning these fireworks under your supervision so that they do not harm themselves. We suggest you show this popular video on safety tips to your children so that they are well-aware. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol7T4n1A7Ug

Don’t get too adventurous while burning fireworks. Always make sure that you light the crackers by using an incense stick and take it near to your firecracker and not the other way round. Lighters and matches are for cigarettes and not for burning fireworks, so never try to burn them suing anyone of these. Also, always have a keen eye on the placement of your fireworks as they should not be near to any sources of fire.

Remember you are not a Superhero!

Therefore always keep a decent distance while you are lighting a cracker and make sure to keep at least an arm’s distance from it. It should be convenient for you to light it and come back. If it doesn’t ignite at once, don’t go near to check it, just wait for the beautiful visual to happen. If you feel that it is taking time quite longer than usual just sprinkle water onto it and diffuse it. As you handle the diwali crackers in your hands, there are chances of toxic materials getting rubbed of. So always wash your hands after handling fireworks.

3. Where You Burst Crackers

Do you dream of annoying your sister by burning it in the hall of your home?

Bad Idea, we would say.

The fireworks if burned in closed, congested or crowded areas can cause quite a damage. It is suggested to light diwali crackers in an open area like your terrace or field. Make sure the ventilation is proper wherever you decide to burn the crackers as the release of toxic fumes can cause a damage to health. If someone is asthmatic, never burn crackers near them as it may affect him/her adversely.

Have you ever seen a rocket going in your neighbour’s window?

That sounds funny but it isn’t in real. While burning rockets and other aerial firecrackers, always take care of the position of the cracker, it shouldn’t face doors, windows or gates.

Burning crackers on roads while people are riding vehicles on roads is quite dashing but its consequences are not. Hence never light diwali crackers on the road.

4. What Clothes You Wear While Handling Crackers

Always wanting to wear your favorite nylon dress?

We request you to save it for another festival but not Diwali.

It is very important for you to understand that the attire you wear has to be comfortable and safe while you are handling fireworks. Cotton fabric is the best fit to cater to your cravings for burning diwali crackers.

So the next time you wish to wear anything which is synthetic, think twice about it.

Because you can do only thing at a time then,

  • Get ready in your polyester dress and witness others playing around with crackers.

  • Enjoy your heart out by burning your favorite diwali crackers

The choice is yours!

5. How Prepared You Are

As they say : “ Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent”

It is inevitable for you to be well-prepared for the coming diwali cracker burning session.

You should be alert and ready to take desired actions in-case of any emergency. Always have a first-aid kit at your rescue and a source of water/sand in case of any disruption. Keep the used fireworks aside so that they aren’t in contact with anyone and no one gets hurt.

Mouth melting sweets, enlightening diyas and spellbounding fireworks await you this Diwali.Make sure you buy fireworks online for your convenience and use them keeping in mind all the steps stated above.

This Diwali, not only share gifts but a piece of advice to take necessary precautions while burning fireworks. Here’s wishing you and your family a safe and prosperous Diwali.

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