What is the allowed time of the day for bursting fire crackers?

Sound emitting crackers are banned between 10 PM and 6 AM.
As per the Supreme court order in 2005, key highlights are:
1) The Department of Explosives may divide the firecrackers into two categories– (i) Sound emitting firecrackers, and (ii) Colour/light emitting firecrackers.
2) There shall be a complete ban on bursting sound emitting firecrackers between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. It is not necessary to impose restrictions as to time on bursting of colour/light emitting firecrackers.

What is the maximum sound allowed?

As per the environment protection act passed in 1986.
“The manufacture, sale or use of firecrackers generating noise level exceeding 125 dB(AI) or 145 dB(C) pk at 4 meters distance from the point of bursting shall be prohibited.” Ayyan crackers are quality checked and strictly comply with these rules.

Can I buy crackers online only during Diwali?

You can buy crackers all year round for personal use. But purchase for stocking and resale calls for suitable licenses to be available.

How can I be assured of cracker quality when it is bought online?

Crackers are sold by various middlemen and traders. This may lead to old stock or spurious stock being sold. Always check the source of supply.
At Ayyan, the crackers are manufactured and quality checked in house and shipped directly to your doorstep in carefully packed boxes.

What payment options can I use to buy crackers online?

Payment through card and net banking are available.
In Bangalore city, cash on delivery is supported.

How is Ayyan crackers different from competition?

Ayyan's value proposition is the *Quality* of the crackers.
A simple test of duration and performance of Ayyan crackers versus other leading brands will reveal the superior quality. See www.ayyanonline.com/CrackerQuality.html for more details.
Ayyan products are ethically manufactured, good employee practices and complies with all rules and regulations to ensure your celebration is grand.

Chinese crackers are cheap, can we buy them?

Improted crackers are banned. The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry has banned the illegal import, possession and sale of fireworks of foreign origin. The manufacture, possession, use, sale, etc. of any explosive containing sulphur or sulphurate in admixture with any chlorate is banned in the country

How long does it take for a cracker order to be delivered at my home?

Usually it take between 3 - 54 days to deliver the goods to your home. Prior to bringing the parcel home, our delivery team will give a call to ensure availability

How is Ground Chakkar different from Wheels?

Ground Chakkars are traditional wheels that spin on the flat ground and emit sparks of milky white light. They can be lighted using sparklers.
Wheels also spin on the flat ground but have special effects such as emitting colourful sparks, spinning in clockwise and anticlockwise direction and some wheels such as the whistling wheel provide sound effects. Wheels can be lit using an Agarbathi as well.

Crackers are available at huge discount rates in Hosur, why I should buy online?

Hosur is known for huge discounts on crackers. What is lesser known is that A) The MRP rates may be tampered by dealers. B) Stock may be old unsold stock from several years before C) Spurious goods using legitimate brand names may be sold. In reality the MRP rates mentioned are highly over priced to allow for dealer discounts. At AyyanOnline, we have consciously stayed away from MRP pricing and given realistic sale prices that are affordable and delivered at your home for a hassle free experience.

What is the return policy?

Ayyan crackers return policy can be found here http://www.ayyanonline.com/Refund-Return-Policy

Do fireworks work in the rain?

Well no. Fire crackers need dry conditions to light up. When a cracker gets wet do not aim to dry it and reuse. Wet crackers must be disposed off safely.

What safe distance do i need while burning crackers?

The safe distance to stay away from crackers is clearly stated in the product packaging. Check safety instructions in each box before lighting it.
Ayyan fireworks has made a simple video on Safety during Diwali. You can watch it in the home page www.ayyanonline.com

In shops, we get huge discounts, why not online?

The discount is given by various brands due to a marked up MRP. Ayyan prices online are direct selling prices and compare equally with the offline prices at which Ayyan products are sold. Hence you do not overpay for buying online and also you get the convenience of the goods delivered safely to your home.

What is the minimum age group for bursting fire crackers

Kindly check product packaging for age restrictions. Please note that whatever be the allowed age limit, children should always burst crackers under adult supervision.

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